End of year review, Dec 2020.

2020 has certainly been a very strange year for us all and we suspect that we’re not the only ones who will be looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store. Hopefully it cannot be any worse!

This year as you will know has been very challenging, not only as a result of Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting closures of venues and lack of sporting events and even training opportunities; but also due to the uncertainty resulting from the end of the Brexit transition period (yep at the time of writing this we still don’t know whats going to happen and what we need to do…..).

In addition within the team, one of our key Directors suffered a reoccurance of serious illness, which has now resulted in Steve taking sometime out to undergo specialist treatment, but whom we hope will be able to make a speedy recover and once again rejoin the team in early 2021. Life really is all about timing, not just electronic, and we cannot stress the importance of looking after your own health and seeking support and advice at the earliest opportuinities.

During the year and facing these challenges, we at SET have had to undertake some important decisions and implemented changes, which we hope you will understand, in order to help shape and prepare our business for the future. Most importantly, we hope these changes will enable us to continue to be able to provide the highest quality, most durable and cost effective products and solutions that will help our customers deliver success and hopefully future champions!

Firstly, following some analysis of our suppliers and partners, their product offerings, developments occuring in the market place, previous sales and also crucially the issues experienced by our customers, we have decided to reshape some of our existing business relations and update the products that we offer from certain partners and suppliers. Quality is particularly important to us, and we have high expectations from our suppliers to manufacturer and provide the leading products and services they provide, espically as we know that when your equipment is not working as well as it should this will be causing you and your operators unnecessary stress and disappointment by impacting the overall running of your events and athlete experiences.

In addition, and something that we are excited about for the future, we also took the opportunity established a small team of engineers and developers to undertake research, design work and even production of our very own electronic devices. We have also established new relationships with UK based companies to source parts and expertise, which will hopefully mean that any purchases from us will not support our business, but also British based companies and jobs within our supply chain.

That said, despite the above changes we do intend to continue to work with our international partners, who we believe can provide some of the best products on the market, but we also realise that we also need to adapt and undertake these important changes in order to be able to create future successes.

Please keep your eyes out for some important annoucements and developments!!

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!