Do you use SPORTSYSTEMS as your meet management tool?

We are now pleased to announce that following a recent development by the SPORTSYSTEMS team, ALGE-TIMING’s SwimTime software and SPORTSYSTEMS Meet Organisation package are now able to fully interface with each other, removing the need to manually transfer files to and from the timing operator, and also the need for manual entry of race times.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the SPORTSYSTEMS team (Particually Graham) once more for their help and assistance in enabling these two softwares to successfully work with one and another.

(Please note you will need to contact to find out how to obtain the latest version of SPORTSYSTEMS with the required bi-directional interface settings)

SPORTSYSTEMS offer fully integrated computer systems for competitive swimming clubs and has been supplying the UK Swimming Governing Bodies, Regions, Counties and many leading clubs since 1981.

The Meet Organisation Package comprises a collection of modules which satisfy the requirements involved in the organising and running of both Open and Inter Team swim meets. Before the meet the major benefit to the meet organiser is the speed and accuracy of the preparation of the programme of events. On the day of the meet the system ensures maximum accuracy, speedy preparation of starts lists, results and finalists and optimum throughput of swimmers per session of water time.

Please visit to find out more about the SPORTSYSTEMS product range.

Sports Electronic Timing Ltd will shortly produce a guide on how to setup the interface within both sets of softwares and which will be located here: swimtime-integration-with-sportsystems