As the unprecedented events of the COVID-19 pandemic cause uncertainty for on our supply chain, Sports Electronic Timing are actively monitoring developments of the outbreak and we are taking steps to support the health and safety of our team members and customers.

At the current time, we are trying to maintain our business as usual activities with orders continuing to be taken and delivered, subject to approval from customers.

Our team members have been asked to work from home, with all all international and domestic travel for team members with the exception of essential business needs. In addition colleagies will only attend our office/workshop if a critical business activity is required.

We are asking everyone to adhere to the UK Government’s advice in regards to regular and consistent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and disinfecting spray/ wipes and increased cleaning. We have also taken steps to enable team members who do not feel well to stay home, recover, and avoid interacting with other team members and customers.

In regards to our customers and active orders; we have a dedicated, cross-functional team tasked with monitoring the situation, managing internal and external communications, and ensuring that we are able to continue supporting our customers and partners as the situation develops.

We continue to coordinate with our partners, sub-contractors, distributors, vendors, and other suppliers to ensure a robust supply chain with a ready supply of the necessary materials and a trained workforce for your business needs.

For example currently UPS are advising that there are delivery and collections restrictions in place in certain parts of Italy and Austria, however at this time there commercial deliveries continue to undertaken. This situation is being actively monitored and customers will be advised of any issues or delays.