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Carmarthen Leisure Centre

Latest News, Swimming News
Sports Electronic Timing are pleased to announce Carmarthen Leisure Centre as a new customer for our ALGE-TIMING TP1890C swimming timing pads. Replacing the existing pads, our ALGE-TIMING equipment is fully compatible with the existing Daktronics timing system (as well as it would be with Omega and Colorado systems) and which…

Covid-19 Update (BAU at Present)

Latest News
As the unprecedented events of the COVID-19 pandemic cause uncertainty for on our supply chain, Sports Electronic Timing are actively monitoring developments of the outbreak and we are taking steps to support the health and safety of our team members and customers. At the current time, we are trying to…

Haverfordwest Select ALGE-TIMING Touchpads

Latest News, Swimming News
We are pleased to announce the further expansion of our timing network, with Haverfordwest Leisure Centre recently selecting new swimming touchpads from us for use with their existing Daktronics OmniSport timing system and as a replacement after a number of their ageing pads had failed. With four integrated and replaceable…

Abertillery Piranhas Upgrade To The SST

We are pleased to announce our first UK customer, but not the UK’s first, for the Superior Swim Timing (SST) system. Upgrading from an Omega ARES21 system, Abertilery Pirhnas Swim Club have selected our SST timing system.  As the club’s existing timing pads and buttons are fully operational, we are…

Worksop Dolphins Swimming Club

We are pleased to announce that we have recently delivered our ALGE-TIMING touchpads to Worksop Leisure Centre, on behalf of Worksop Dolphins Swimming Club and Barnsley Premier Leisure, who have replaced their existing Daktronics touchpads with our ALGE-TIMING pads.







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