We are please to announce that our ALGE-TIMING touchpads have recently been delivered to two swimming pools within the Greater London area, with recent sales to both Crook Log in Bexlyheath and also The Spa at Beckenham. At each of these pools our ALGE-TIMING pads will be used with an existing electronic timing system, as they can simply be plugged into the lane modules and used without any modifications or additional hardware. Plus our pads are delivered with a two years manufacturer’s warranty as standard!

For some fun, we’ve decided to produce a map to highlight the UK locations that have procured our swimming touchpads since the beginning of September 2015. Why not help us add more pinpoints by ask your leisure centre management team or timing system owners to contact us to find out how they can buy replacement pads for use at your pool.

Please note, as a result of these recent installations we currently only have four touchpads available in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. However we will shortly be receiving a further 8 x TP1890 touchpads from the ALGE’s factory in Austria (possibly up to 7 weeks time), but we could also supply up to 8 x TP2400 pads (2.4m wide) in the next 4 weeks.