Football Scoreboards

The match day experience is constantly evolving, and will continue to do so as venues race to improve. The traditional light bulb (led matrix) scoreboard of yester year has over the past few years up and down the country been replaced with interactive and eye catching LED videowalls.

These types of displays are capable of not only just displaying the score, but also lineups, stats, innovate and eye catching material and even video replays. And with the recent adoption of VAR, they are also a focal point for key decisions.

Ultimately these new types of displays should be treated as opportunities to build stronger relations and increase sponsor value. A digital videoboard will enhance the way you communicate with the thousands of fans visiting your stadium, whilst also providing the business community with a platform to promote their products and services, engage with the fans and build their reputation and grow their business.

Even when there is not a home match taking place in the stadium, you can potentially also show important events such as the World Cup, European Championships, Away games and even playoff games for the fans who cannot attend in person (obviosuly subject to licencing requirements).

All of the displays we provide are built to UEFA and FIFA standards with high refresh rates, exceptional contrast, low power consumption, player protection, power and data backup, and are built with the highest quality components as standard. Therefore our display range provides a safe investment for sports venues of all sizes.

Around The Stadium

Thinking outside the box……..

In addition to the display technology above, we also work with some of the world’s leading and forward thinking technology producers, which enables us to also offer innovative products that can truely make your venue standout from the others (whilst hopefully also generating additional revenues).

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