Inspire: Luton Sports Village is the latest UK swimming pool to replace their existing touchpads with our ALGE-TIMING touchpad range.

The touchpad is one of the key components of a successful swimming timing system, and which is why it is critical that the timing pad is reliable and recording finish times without issue. To do this our ALGE-TIMING touchpads contain four tapeswitches, which cover the full length of the pad and are constructed within a stainless steel frame; should there ever be any issue these tape switches can be replaced. The surface of the pads has also been designed specifically to provide exemplary grip, which avoids the need and additional expense of purchasing a backstroke start device for each lane.

These new timing pads being delivered by ALGE-TIMING and Sports Electronic Timing, are going to be used with the Inspire: Luton’s existing system; however they and our waterproof backup buttons can also be used with existing timing systems form the two US timing companies. So, if your existing pads are experiencing faults or have simply seen better days, please contact our team to find our more or to arrange a demo.

Additionally, we can also offer supply replacement tapeswitches that are also suitable for the Swiss watch company’s touchpads.