We’ve teamed up with Unilumin to offer their world class LED displays and solutions for sports and events here in the UK.

Unilumin are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LED displays, and have a global presence in supporting major sporting events and supplying innovative solutions to a variety of clubs and iconic stadiums and transforming matchday experiences with high impact technology and engaging content.

Working with Unilumin, we are able to provide customers with state of the art LED display products and turnkey solutions.

Unilumin Displays

We can offer a vast range of LED Video Walls to suit your sporting needs.

Usurface III

Pioneering SMD 10000nits for Outdoor LED Screens

Introducing the New USurfaceIII display, presenting a wider advertising coverage to audiences through the use of SMD and 10000nits.

Key features of the Usurface III include:
Front and rear maintenance
Ultra Light and Slim
Suitable for viewing distances of >6.7m and upwards.

Advancements within the USurfaceII will mean you can save costs on transportation, installation and running costs compared to previous models and rival solutions.


Cabinet Resolution (pixels): 10mm
Cabinet Size(mm): 800mm x 800mm


Weight(kg/cabinet): 26kg


The UsportX is Unilumin’s flagship perimeter display for use at outdoor venues and they can be used in conjuction with LED video walls, stadium ribbons and/or as standalone displays around the edge of the playing field.

The UsportX offers 4:3 module and 16:9 cabinet, can be spliced into 2K,4K and 8K HD resolution. It is a light and stable display and also boasts an internal cable free design that enables fast installation and disassembly. The UsportX is already is use at 8x India Premier League cricket grounds, by football clubs in Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Turkey and many more!


The UsportSC is a LED ribbon display, that can be installed to the front of a tiered stand and even all the way around a stadium (subject to the venue) and provides an enhanced the in stadium

Umesh II

There are many big displays in the market that are nothing but big in size. The birth of Umesh II redefines the concept of “big” and brings customers the “Bigger. Faster. Better!” visual feast.

The Umesh II, is not just a big screen product, but a work with so many perfect performances, whilst also being suitable for use outside in windy environments.


Winner of the UFX 2016 New Product Awards.

The Unilumin Upad III  is able to create stunning imagery whist being installed in fast assemble convex or concave setups. Special magnets on the tops of the panels allow for seamless single person handling and maintenance. With on-board flash memory and calibration data stored both in module and receiving card, the Upad 3’s are quite simply the best on the market.


A portable signage solution that brings innoivation and versatility to your business. The built-in media player can display digital content from a variety of sources, including USB stick, from a PC, mobile device, over a cabled network or via Wifi.

Display Dimension (H x W x D): 1944 x 576 x 35 mm
Panel Material: Aluminum
Weight: 35 kg

Pixel Pitch: 2.57 mm or 1.8mm

LED Configuration: SMD 3 in 1

Display Resolution: 224 x 756 or 320 x 1080

More displays options to be added shortly

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