New for 2018, the USurfaceIII is the latest and most powerful development with Unilumin’s fixed installation range:

  • The display offer super brightness! With the SMD LED’s boasting 10000nits!
  • A Higher Contrast Ratio


Cover takes proportion of 92.44% in area of module

General products of DIP technology

Cover takes proportion of 70% in area of module.

SMD LEDs offer better viewing effect, with less sunlight reflecting on the surface.

  • A Clearer Picture By Better Blending Effect in Color
  • Better Display Performance & Improved Viewing Angles

SMD LEDs enhance the visibility of your display and therefore improve the quality and efficiency of advertisements through both wider viewing angles in comparison with DIP type solutions, as well as improved the vertical angles, that can even be up to double that of a DIP solution.

High Reliability

Module of hollowed-out design is made for efficient heat dissipation to stand various severe weathers in outdoors


LED screen of 6500nits is available in 173w/㎡.
Reduce power consumption about 22% comparing with others of the same type

Ultra Slim and Light Weight

Thickness of cabinet: 96mm
Weight of cabinet: 23KG/㎡

Waterproof Modules

Fully waterproof module can stand the stormy weather in outdoors.

Save Costs:

Save money on both installation and also transportation costs, as a result of the slim and lightweight design.


 Unilumin Usurface III
Pixel Pitches:P6 (6.7mm)
P8 (8.3mm)
P10 (10mm)
Weight (kg/panel):17±0.5 (but dependant on size)
Size(mm):W800mmxH900mm( standard);
W800mmx H1200mm;
Maintenance:Front or Rear
Contrast Ratio:16500:1
IP Rating:IP65 (Front) / IP54 (Rear)
Maximum Input Power(W/ m2):518~700.3
Humity Rating:TBC
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