PR1aW Photocell

The PR1a photocell is a masterpiece of precision and performance with smallest possible dimensions.

The transmitter of the photocell sends a modulated infrared beam. The receiver checks the infrared beam and triggers an impulse for each interruption.

All photocells can be universally used with a reflector or as sender and receiver photocell.

The photocell is also available with integrated WTN radio module (2.4 GHz). The impulse transmission can be effected by radio and is compatible with all devices of the WTN series. Up to 15 different radio channels and 5 varying impulse channels are adjustable. The PR1aW can as well be connected by cable to the timing device.
With its rugged and weatherproof casing and extendable cover slide both versions can be used indoor and outdoor in all conditions without compromise.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.