Football Displays

Whether you’re a Premier League, Championship, English Football League (EFL) or even Non League club, delivering the best possible match day experience on and off the field is vital to keep your club’s supports engaged and attending on a regular basis.

With there only being a limited number of match days per season, your club only has a small number of opportunities in which you can generate that much needed additional commercial revenue that helps to balance and even enhance your playing and club operating budgets to mount promotion (and in some cases survival) bids.

There is now an increased importance of pre and post-match fan engagement, as the match experience no longer starts when fans sit down in their seats, but much earlier.It’s therefore become increasingly important for clubs to develop an effective and engaging media strategy for those potential customers by encouraging supporters to get engaged with their team, club partners and other fans.

Outside of the Premier League, where TV money provides a safety net, smaller clubs have more urgency to unlock incremental and sustainable sources of income. For a smaller club off-pitch revenue can account for a far larger share of the overall business and could perhaps balance the costs of the team on the pitch.

Working with our partners Unilumin, we able to offer you world class and state of the art LED displays that are affordable and which can generate new commercial and marketing opportunities to help sustain the business for seasons to come.

We can offer total solutions for the stadia, tailored to meet your club’s need today and in the future. which can be extended as you progress up the league. For example we can offer integrated solutions including main scoreboard(s), perimeter displays around the pitch, ribbon displays (for the front of the stands), screens in the concourse, at the training ground, and even in the hospitality suites, boardroom and press room.

In Stadium

Scoreboards and LED Displays

The match day experience is constantly evolving – from standing-only terraces to luxury lounges – and will continue to do so as venues race to improve connectivity and become closer to their attendees. The traditional light bulb (LED Matrix) scoreboard of yester year is now being replaced with interactive and eye catching LED video walls, capable of displaying not only the score but also lineups, stats, innovative and eye catching marketing material and even video replays.

Ultimately these new types displays should be treated as opportunities to build stronger relationships and increase sponsor value. Additionally, enable fans to become active participants of the event by giving them the chance to take part in man-of-the-match voting, enjoy real-time reactive screen content, or get involved in social media conversations directly from the stadium.

Depending on the size and location of the screen, during the off-season and non home game days, a new video wall could even be used to show important events, such as World Cup and European Championship, Away Games and even playoff games for fans not able to attend. As well as sponsors and opportunities for sponsorship.

Pitchside LED Displays

Pitchside perimeter displays help to improve your commercial offering by enabling partners to showcase their brand and adverts on state-of-the-art LED advertising displays and gain maximum exposure during a match or even event, to both fans inside the ground and also those watching live TV and highlight shows.

Either by working with directly media partners or by managing the system yourselves, commercial partners can be offered unique packages that can cater for businesses of all sizes, across the whole season, via seasonal packages, or as a one off for special games like cup runs.

Our pitchside displays are UFEA compliant and can enhance the matchday experience for both your club and the fans.

Mid-Tier Displays

Take your LED video display installation to the next level or even another tier above that with Unilumin’s LED fascia and ribbon display, the UsportSC.

The UsportSC can be integrated with other Unilumin displays products (including video boards and perimerter displays) or used as a stand-alone improvement to a facility.

These full-color displays can present up to 360 degrees of ribbon-style advertisements, real time scores and statistics, video clips and animations.

Outside the Stadium

It’s all to do with location!! Are you sitting on a prime piece of outdoor media?

Often an opportunity over looked by clubs; stadiums are generally situated within prime and central locations that are not only highly visible to the local community, passing traffic and a large volume of passing people! As a result, an external display can be used not only be used just on match days, but 365 days a year!

Display a wide range of information from pre-match, ticketing and visitor information, club updates and announcements to stay on top of the sporting events, replays and highlights from previous games (and seasons), as well as sponsored adverts and media that can attract the passing eye.

Additionally, clubs up and down the country are now even using external displays as a centralised focal point of newly established fans zones, which can be used to encourage fans to come to stadium events earlier, soak up the match day atmosphere and extend the fan experience to an out-of-stadium environment!

Scoring System

In addition to the world class displays, we can also supply complete solution with the inclusion of our scoring solution that is:

  • Easy to control – even unskilled persons can control the system after 10-minute 
  • Operated using a tablet / laptop or PC – there’s no need for a special controlling console!
  • Capable of displaying scores, team names, logos and team rosters – in addition to displaying videos, any multimedia content and entertainment
  • Customisable – Create your own design and layout for each game / each sport

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