Swimming Timing Systems

We offer a swimming timing systems for all levels. From an inexpensive semiautomatic system, which is idea for small clubs and/or those with a limited budget, to a fully automatic system, which can include touchpads and trackstart starting blocks, that can be used at the highest swimming competition level.

As each pool is different, we can customise timing systems to meet your requirements. Contact Us today to find out more and/or to arrange a demo of our SST and ALGE-TIMING swimming products.

In addition to the timing complete timing systems, we also offer individual products, including touchpads, buttons, scoreboards, videowalls etc that work with our competitors systems.

Swimming Timing Products:

Superior Swim Timer:

We supply the Superior Swim Timing (SST) system here in the UK.

The SST is a low cost laptop based timing software that has been designed to run up to 10 lanes with a pad and upto 3 backup buttons for both the near and far ends of the pool.

Despite being PC bases, the timing system is an alternative to the “big box” consoles, but is equally as powerful as traditional timing consoles and also comes with additional features.

Suitable for all types of events, from school galas and club championships through to international events
Install upon a PC or Laptop.
Compatible for us with Windows: Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10.
Free software upgrades.
Supports up to 32 (one-sided) or 16 (double sided) lanes.
Interface with Meet Management Softwares:

Do you already have a timing system?
  • Just because you have an existing timing system from a rival supplier, please do not feel compelled that you need to upgrade to their newer (and probably more expensive timing system). In the majority of cases (i.e. Colorado System 5, 6 and Daktronics users), the SST system can integrate with your existing equipment (harness, starter, timing pads and buttons)!Despite what others may say, there is no need for you to have to replace all of your equipment in one go!!
Meet Management Intergration
  • The SST software is capable of interfacing with the following with Meet Management Softwares:
Scoreboard Options
  • In addition to being able to connect with an existing Daktronics and/or Colorado display, the timing software also contains an additional feature where results can be transmitted to specators and coaches mobile phones, tablets or laptops via a Wifi connection!
  • Examples of The Projector Screen Windows
    Mobile / Tablet Scoreboard

    landscape view (i.e. Tablet or Laptop)

    Portrait view (i.e. Mobile Phone)

    Timing Components:


    Available in three standard widths: 980 mm, 1890 mm and 2400 mm, the ALGE-TIMING touch pads are one of the most reliable touchpads on the market, with 4 high quality double proofed contact stripes (made in Germany). The touchpads have a non-slip surface and have a patented water flow system.

    ALGE-TIMING’s touchpads are also compatible for use with existing Colorado, Daktronics and Omega timing systems.

    Starting Devices:

    The Race Start One (RS1) provides swimmers with a clear, concise start commands and a distinct start tone. In addition our multi-coloured LED strobe can be setup to provide either a single colour or multi-colour flash signal at the start of the race. Additional extras include lane speakers and additional strobe lights.

    Backup Buttons:

    Our manual push buttons are extremely rugged and splash proof. The cable is protected with a stress relief and available with two different connectors.


    We can offer both on-deck and in-deck cabling solutions for clubs and pools.

    Scoreboards and Displays:

    Single Line LED Displays:

    Multi-Line Scoreboards:

    LED Videowalls:

    Latest Swimming News:

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