Indicio Virtual Swim Trainer / LED Rabbit


Introducing the Indico Virtual Swim Trainer, or as its also known the LED Rabbit, a revolutionary training system that helps swimmers to swim faster, by training at a desired speed and acceleration rate displayed via the LED pacing lights placed on the bottom of the pool.

This patented high tech system is easy to setup and use, and allows coaches and/or swimmers to set the pace that needs to be followed, enabling you to create your own training table and speed and endurance workouts.

Swimmers can reach optimal performance levels and success by:

  • Setting and following their own pace (i.e. a PB).
  • Following competitors swim pace (i.e. a competitor’s time).
  • Adapt step by step and swim at your own set pace (i.e. possibly building up to qualifying time) .

The LED strip can be placed either on the pool floor or on the water surface along the floating lane line. At the beginning of the training session, the strip receives pre-programmed impulses that progressively switch on the LED lights, according to a previously established time and for a specific number of laps. The athlete’s point of reference is the constant light flow that can be easily followed.

Key features of the system are:

      • Up to 12 different colors allow as many swimmers to train in the same lane.
      • Up to 8 different independently configurable lanes.
      • Solutions with 25m or 50 meter LED light strips.
      • International Patent, distributed under the license of Indicotech

VST Videos

Here’s a small selection of recent videos of the Virtual Swim Trainer in action:

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