Swimming Touchpads

Introducing the new ALGE-Timing touchpads, an innovative and patented touchpad that is fully compatible with existing Omega, Daktronics and Colorado installations, and are therefore an execllent and cost effective replacement for touch pads that have seen better days or which have become faulty.

Developed by ALGE-Timing, equipment providers at previous LEN European Championships events (i.e. not London), this touchpad is constructed using a stainless steel frame that protects four integrated tapeswitches and has surface with lamellas that provides exemplary grip.

This touchpad also has hundreds of small holes within the slats/lammellas which improve water flow, guaranteeing optimal water currents in overflow swimming pools.

Key Features:

Contains a special surface that provides an excellent grip for swimmers

Contains four tapeswitches for a consistent sensitivity

Compatible with other timing systems (including Omega, Daktronics and Colorado)

Simple connection with timing system via banana plugs

Constructed with a stainless steel frame

Contains hundreds of small holes that improves water flow and prevents false timing impulses from wales

Supplied with a two year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

Repairable! With replacement tapeswitches and lamellas available.

Available sizes include 180cm, 189cm and 240cm wide, as well as customise sizes

Improved Water Flow

The left side of the sketch to the left shows the water current as it is with the new touchpads from ALGE-TIMING .

The right side shows the water current conditions with closed traditional touchpads.

UK Locations Using Our Pads:

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