Race Start One (RS1) Starter

The RS1 is an excellent start system choice for use at swimming and athletics competitions, as well as a extremely useful training aids!

Designed and Developed by SET and SAZ-Sports, our new start system is easy to use and comes with an integrated speaker, highly visible strobe light on the top of the device, start microphone and tripod as standard.

Unlike other start devices, the RS1 has a multi coloured strobe light, which makes it suitable for all types of events, including disability sporting events. In addition, there is also an automatic voice command (available in different languages) and also an option to select either a ‘Beep’ or a ‘Pistol Shot’ starting signal.

Finally, with the ability to be used with both Normally Open (NO) and/or Normally Closed (NC) timing systems, the RS1 is therefore compatible for use with all major timing systems (including ALGE-TIMING, Colorado, Daktronics and Omega).

RS1 Accessories / Additional Extras:

eFlash (and Headset):

The eStart Gun and headset is an alternative starting device to the traditional microphone, it contains an in built and very bright flash, and in the bottom of the device the starter can connect a headset in order to help them provide clear instructions to competitors.

Visual Aid Start Mic:

Similar to our two button start microphone, our Visual Aid Start Mic (VASM) device enables the Start Official to perform a race start and also trigger the traffic light type strobes light functionality using the four buttons (Speech, Red Light, Amber Light and Green Start Light) of the device.

Strobe Lights:

The RS1 Strobe Light contains a multi-colour LED, which can flash Green or Red, Amber and Green depending on the start microphone being used. Connected directly into the RS1, our strobe lights can be placed next to an individual or even every lane to assist competitors and officials as a start signal aid.

Lane Speakers:

Waterproof lane speakers that can be placed either next to the start block or internally within the block in order to help all swimmers hear the race start signal at the same time. Our lane speakers have been designed to work as either a on-deck solution (via amphonel style connections) or connect into deck plates (via banana plugs).

Example RS1 Videos

Below are some example videos of the RS1 functionality. Please note the videos contain a start signal sound.

Standard Start Signal and Flash
Multi Colour Strobe Functionality
Automatic Voice Start Command