We are pleased to announce that Torfaen Dolphins have selected Sports Electronic Timing Ltd to provide a replacement timing system, swimming touchpads and Led video display for their existing, dated and non working equipment from an American LED Display Producer.

Torfaen Dolphins are a performance club, training elite swimmers in the Torfaen Area. Their aim is to encourage all our swimmers to be the best that they can be. If you would like to join, support them in any way or find out more info, then please visit https://www.torfaendolphins.com/ 

Working to a tight budget, we were able to supply 7 new ALGE-TIMING touchpads, 7 new ALGE-TIMING backup buttons, a new SST timing system with supporting on deck harness, PC and printer. In addition we were also able to provide a small but impressive Unilumin LED videowall solution that will enable the the club to potentially generate additional revenue from sponsors, whilst also showing additional information and results not possible on the previous numeric led display.

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